I’m truly impressed with the quality of work that you’ve done! I can’t say enough good things about your company, the painters, everything. Truly impressive company.
— Jennifer (Cross Plains)

Why Choose Megna Painting?


EXPERIENCE: EACH OF OUR EMPLOYEES HAS AN AVERAGE OF TEN YEARS OF EXPERIENCE. Their combined painting practice forms more than half a century’s worth of painting skills. They also have training and background in painting and home improvement. Experience makes a difference, a big difference.

INSURANCE: WE RECOGNIZE THE VALUE OF AN ASSURANCE PROGRAM. In the unfortunate event of an on-site accident, damages up to $2,000,000 are covered under our general liability insurance policy. A peace of mind makes a difference, a big difference.

SAFETY AND SECURITY: YOUR SAFETY AND SECURITY, AS WELL AS THAT OF OUR EMPLOYEES, IS OF UTMOST IMPORTANCE TO US. That’s why we require our employees to adhere to rigorous safety and security standards to offer you a peace of mind including:

- OSHA compliance
– Respecting your privacy and only entering the premises to be painted
– Daily clean-ups and removal of dangerous tools from the job site
– Crew training in safe use of products and painting equipment

CLEANLINESS: MEGNA PAINTING EXCELS IN KEEPING THE JOB SITE ORGANIZED AND CLEAN. There are clean-ups at the end of every workday and a major clean up at the end of the project. This ensures that the only things you’re left with after the job is done are your newly painted beautiful walls to enjoy. Letting you savor in the feeling of the just-completed project makes a difference, a big difference.

TIMELINESS: WE RECOGNIZE THE IMPORTANCE OF YOUR TIME. At Megna Painting, we are committed to completing your painting job within the established time frame. We strive to keep all of our appointments and meetings with our customers, from the time we provide you with a free job estimate to the completion of the project. Respecting and valuing our customer’s time makes a difference, a big difference.

ON BUDGET: AT MEGNA PAINTING, WE REALIZE THE GREAT VALUE IN BUDGETING. That’s why our estimate sheet shows exactly how your money is spent. This way, you can choose exactly what you want painted without going over your budget limit. Keeping track of your costs makes a difference, a big difference.

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: OUR COMPANY PRIDES ITSELF ON THE SERVICE WE PROVIDE TO OUR CUSTOMER. It is our philosophy to always put you, the customer, first. To achieve this end, we provide professional, quality services that keeps our customers returning to us for their future painting needs.


1. Transparent Services, No Hidden Charges

Unlike many other painting contractors, at Megna Painting, you see exactly what you pay for. There are no hidden fees or charges. Our detailed proposal breaks your project into manageable pieces and explains, in full, the provided services.

2. Color Selection Tools

According to scientific research, certain wall colors can evoke soothing physiological effects, while other colors can evoke negative, more stressful, feelings. Proper colors can also have a large impact on the marketability of your home should you ever choose to sell it. Because of color’s large impact, it is our mission to provide all of our customers with FREE complimentary color consultations. We will help you choose the proper color for your home’s interior or exterior and explain to you the benefits of choosing different colors absolutely free of charge.

3. Proper Surface Preparation

A clean surface is necessary for the proper adhering of paint. Preparing a wall surface before any paint is applied is thus a critical step in the painting process. To ensure that your walls are properly prepared we scrape, sand and patch old paint, and when necessary, power wash the exterior walls to remove dirt, mildew, and dust.

4. Good Primer

Using the correct paint primer or sealer will help guarantee that your paint will grip the surface, increasing the overall quality and durability of your paint job. Far too often, homeowners and non-professional painters don’t realize the importance of using the proper, contractor duty primer. Your exterior house paint can last significantly if the correct type of primer is applied. A properly sealed surface is just as important for interior painting. A good primer helps ensure that porous surfaces, such as drywall and plaster, or water stains are sealed properly.

5. Proper Finish

The finish coat is your chance to express yourself. Although its application comes last in the painting process, the finish paint coat is the most important as this covering completes the finished product. This is what most people will judge a paint job by. At Megna Painting, we make sure the finish coat is nothing short of perfect. In addition to helping you choose the proper color for this coat, we will also assist you in selecting the correct sheen for it.

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