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Your Name




Mobile Number


Street Address and City


Do you have a smart phone?

A smart phone is required with the ability to text, email and use apps.

I have a smart phone and am capable of texting, emailing, and apps I do not have a smart phone and I have no experience texting, emailing or using appsI do not currently have a smart phone...But I am capable of texting, emailing and using apps

How often do you email?

how many times in a day do you email


Position Applying for

Painter's Apprentice - Prep work, assisting the Painters and Crew leaders, On the job trainingPainterPower Washer


How much experience do you have painting?

Less than 1 year1 year2 years3 years4 years5 years or more



Background Check

As a requirement for employment we run background checks, is that a problem?


How were you referred to Spectrum Painting?


Why would you like to work at Spectrum Painting?


High School Education

Name of High School and Year(s)


Technical School

Name of Technical School and Year(s)



Name of College and Year(s)


Drivers License Number

A valid drivers license is required for the position


Reliable Transportation

Are you able to travel from job-site to job-site each day? (along with any required materials as needed)

Yes - TruckYes - CarYes - SUVYes - VanNo

Are you a legal resident of the U.S.?

Before an offer of employment is made, there will be a criminal background check and i-9 verification



If you responded No to the previous question, please explain. (if you answered Yes, please skip)


Physical Limitations

Are there any physical limitations that may prevent you from preforming duties common to the painting trade?


Neat Professional Appearance

Not allowed: visible piercing, loose jewelry, gauged ears or tattoos above the neckline or below the wrist

Yes, I have a professional appearanceNo (explain)



Considerate Smoker

Considerate smokers leave no ashes or butts.

Yes - I am a considerate smoker.No - I do not smoke

Skill level

Rate your skill level for this position 0 - never, 5 - perfect


Have you done spackling?

0 - never, 5 - perfect


Have you ever done Faux Finish?

0 - never, 5 - perfect


Wallpaper Hanging and removing?

0 - never, 5 - perfect


Have you done power washing before?

(0: never, 5: perfect)


Power washing

Is it a problem if you were assigned to power wash a 2 story house on your own?

Yes - it is a problemNo - No problem at all

Have you ever worked with drywall repairing and installing?

0 - never, 5 - perfect


Have you done any type of carpentry?

0 - never, 5 - perfect



Please tell us what kind of carpentry you have done:


Do you have experience using a Sprayer?

0 - never, 5 - perfect


Are you able to lift up to 50 lbs?

Yes - no problemYes - some struggleNo

Are you able to carry and properly position a 32ft ladder?

On your own

 Yes - I have no problem carrying and positioning a 32ftladder. No - I am not able to. 

What type of painting tools have you used?

tools involved in painting as well as prep


This position require long hours on your feet

will this be a problem?

It is a problemIt is not a problem

Do you have any issues with heights?

We often work with ladders as well as scaffolds

I have issues with heightsI have no problem with heights