A Short Story About Us

Jami and Mike Megna Founders of Megna Painting met over twenty years ago in High school. Yes, Highschool sweethearts here! Jami was a Darling Sophomore and Mike a Charismatic Freshmen were getting ready for a marching band performance on Friday evening for a football game. Jami was a banner carrier since they didn’t make marching band music for the oboe and Mike was a saxophone player. During the warm-up period right before heading out to assemble for the show, Mike saw Jami and and being the suave 14 year old he was couldn’t resist Jamis smiling face and went to her and said “hey you look like you could use some help with that banner” to which Jami immediately replied “no thanks I got this.” There was a quick laugh especially from their classmate Margot holding the of the end of the banner, who said ‘What about me Mike.” Over twenty years later Mike and Jami are still laughing and loving every minute together.

After Highschool Jami and Mike, both decided to go to college but neither had found their studies to be pushing them in the direction that they wanted to be headed. After a slew of many customer services related jobs and management positions, Mike ended up doing sales and Jami working in healthcare, which at least seemed to be a step in the right direction. Feeling the limitations of each career choice Mike went on to start several small businesses and it was the support of Jami that held them through many early struggles and failures.

In order to make some extra money, Mike did something he never thought he would do when a friend asked if he would be interested in doing some painting work. Growing up in a family of Tradespeople Mike never planned to be involved with the trades, but interested in trying something new and making a little money on the side he said yes and ended up painting a few houses. It wasn’t long and Mike realized he was very good at painting and opportunities to grow sort of just popped up around him. He ended up going to work for a large up and coming painting business that promoted him from Painter to Crew leader to Commercial Estimator strictly working in the office and all after only a year in the business.

Good things too shall come to pass and around 2 years into working with the growing painting business, Mike and very pregnant Jami found out that this up and coming business was getting into a lot of projects and personnel issues that would not go well. Mike ended up getting laid off right before the business officially closed. Knowing that the skills he had were very valuable and the knowledge of all things painting he had gained would be useful in a business and that the table was clear for Mike to do something new and after many conversations and months of planning and logo design Mike and Jami decided to forge ahead into a new venture and created the groundwork for what became Megna Painting.

Starting out as the guy doing it all to becoming the highest rated painting company in Madison Mike and Jami have built Megna Painting from those humble beginnings to the successful business it is today serving hundreds of new and repeat clients a year, with a staff we would trust in our homes and with our children Vanessa now 6 and Norah 2, We are like a family and we are homegrown in every way. Thank you for reading our story and Thank you for choosing to work with us as we are very grateful for every opportunity that is part of our future.

Thanks for a great job painting my rental units. I look forward to having my house painted next. Keep up the great work.
— Kevin Miller

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Megna Painting
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Tel: (608) 438-2845

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